Maintenance and Care Services

Tops in Stone, LLC provides a variety of maintenance and care services to keep your stone and tile looking beautiful and stain-free. Our expert-trained cleaning staff will work closely with you to discuss recommended maintenance and care of all natural stone, tile, and wood products. Some of the popular maintenance and care services include: 

multiple methods, including debris and haze removal and stripping

selection, preparation and application of correct sealer type per job

high gloss luster produced by safe and timeless techniques

a consistent satin luster generated by abrasive techniques

high edge (lippage) removal creating semi to perfectly flat floors

cleaning and color staining


TA regular maintenance regiment will help your natural stone become more resistant to scratching and wear. Natural stone, especially polished stone, is sensitive to harsh chemicals. Do not use vinegar or any cleaners containing acids or strong alkaline agents. We recommend wiping or mopping stone surfaces with warm water or a pH-balanced neutral cleaner, followed by dry-wiping.

Stone Care Tips:
(Note: To get the best advice, we recommend contacting our professional care experts to discuss your concerns.) If you spill acidic juices or alcohol on the stone, you should blot dry immediately. Acid-based foods, such as citrus or tomatoes, can etch into the polish of more delicate stones, like marble and onyx. Do not place hot items, such as pots and pans, on any stone. As a safety precaution, use coasters on counter tops. To prevent alkaline and soap-scum buildup, use squeegees in shower areas. Other large surfaces, such as flooring, are best cared for by a licensed maintenance company to protect the natural stone.

Tops in Stone, LLC recommends that a penetrating sealer be applied soon after installation of natural stone products. A quality impregnating sealer penetrates stone, allows the stone to breath and permits more of the stone’s natural beauty to shine through. Unsealed stone is more susceptible to absorbing moisture, dirt and cleaning chemicals.

We proudly use DuPont Stone Care cleaning products, the finest available.
Below is some information about the high quality DuPont Stone Care products we use:


Even the hardest stone can soak up liquid like a sponge. Protect your natural stone and prevent stains with DuPont™ Stone Care Sealers. The advanced formulas provide maximum “natural look” protection for various surfaces, and help make cleaning a breeze.


Treated with care, the polished stone in your home can look like new for years to come. Keep spills from becoming stains with DuPont™ Stone Care Cleaners.  DuPont offers neutral, pH-balanced formulas that dissolve tough grease and grime, yet are gentle enough for everyday use.


Daily use and occasional spills can dull your beautiful stone surfaces. Restore the luster with DuPont™ Stone Care Enhancing products. The non-greasy formulas quickly return a brilliant shine to polished natural stone.

To discuss your project, please contact our maintenance and care deptartment by calling or emailing us:

Phone: (602) 538-0289